Day 30 of the blogging challenge.

Daily Routine. Um…I think I already did a ‘my day in detail’ so I’m not sure how that differs from a daily routine. I’ll go for a typical day then. Wake 7-8 am, get baby up and changed, check toddler has been fed or feed toddler, get breakfast, put washing on, feed baby, get dressed, […]

Day 29 of the blogging challenge.

Family. My immediate family includes myself, my soon-to-be husband and three boys. My extended family includes my soon-to-be mother-in-law, her partner, some uncles, an aunt, a cousin and her family and some other family members. I’ve never really had a large family and being a not-very sociable person I don’t tend to see most of my […]

Day 28 of the blogging challenge.

What do I want? 😀 What don’t I want haha well, here’s a ‘short’ list :p My own house A library in said house a pool in said house chocolate…lots and lots of chocolate a big, big, 6 story chocolate cake, complete with a caterpillar cake every DS game in existence every film/programme that I like […]

Day 27 of the blogging challenge.

How I envision my life to be… Hmmm… I guess I see life as a game. There are bits to be completed like school, there are achievements such as reaching 18, getting your first job, getting married and having children. There are special levels which aren’t open to everyone like moving abroad and overcoming adversity. Some […]

Day 26 of the blogging challenge.

Something I could never get tired of doing. There’s a whole list of things I could never get tired of doing. Here are some of them: eating chocolate, cos it’s yummy 🙂 reading books. I love books, there are so many amazing stories out there, I could never get tired of reading them. sleeping. I […]

Day 25 of the blogging challenge.

What made my day special? What makes everyday special? Waking up to a wonderful neurodiverse family in a lovely house surrounded by the countryside. Short but sweet 😉   Next time on the blogging challenge: something I could never get tired of doing. That’s gonna be a long post :p

Day 24 of the blogging challenge.

Goals for next month. Well, by next month I should be finished with this blogging challenge. It was supposed to last just 30 days but with family commitments and PDA I haven’t really managed to stick to the schedule. I’ve come this far though so it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish. So once this […]