Reframing the narrative

When it comes to communicating with people who are new to PDA, or are yet to fully understand it, it can be difficult for me to describe PDA in ways that are recognised but are not negative. As an advocate, one of my jobs is to push for awareness of PDA amongst those who have […]

Radical Unschooling

I’ve been reading this brilliant blog by Tara, a lovely mother to PanKwake. They are Radical Unschoolers and she details her life Radically Unschooling her PDA daughter. Radical Unschooling follows on from the Unschooling principle, a type of Home Education which doesn’t follow the strict rule and routine of regular schooling. Unschooling is letting your child […]

Who am I?

Who am I? Am I a PDA person? Or do I have PDA? Am I an adult with PDA? Or an adult PDAer? Am I a person with PDA? A PDA adult? Or just a PDAer? Do I have Pathological Demand Avoidance? Or am I Pathologically Demand Avoidant? Who am I?