You might have heard that Autistic people have the ability to mask. They can adapt to the situation they are in by pretending to be ‘normal’ and hiding their differences. They hide their stims, try not to talk about their interests, try to make eye contact, pretend to care about small talk topics, copy body […]

What my meltdowns look like

It’s commonly known in the Autistic community that a meltdown is nothing like a tantrum. It’s a total loss of control, a need to get emotions out, to find some stability by exploding and getting rid of the pressure building up inside. Everyone knows you cannot reason with someone when they are having a meltdown, […]

Reasons for avoidance

There are many different reasons why a person will avoid something. Whilst most PDA demand avoidance stems from anxiety, the reason for the anxiety may be different each time. Knowing why something causes demand avoidance might help reduce anxiety by accommodating needs to ensure the reasons for demand avoidance are reduced. Experience – having had […]

Emotional avoidance

Did you know PDAers may also avoid feeling and/or reacting to emotions? It’s not something most people will see as a demand but as I like to say, anything and everything can be perceived as a demand, this includes emotions. You’ve probably heard about kids who don’t react in a socially preferred way at funerals […]

Adult coping strategies.

As an adult I have developed many different strategies and coping skills to help manage the more difficult elements of my PDA. Some of these strategies I’ve learnt to adopt and others have come naturally to me, even before I knew what PDA was. Now that I understand my difficulties better I can see what […]

P is for Pathological.

P is for Pathological. Pathological has a negative stigma attached to it. People hear pathological and their first thoughts are of pathological liars or┬ápathological murderers and they think pathological means people like to do it a lot. They think those people are able to control their actions but have something ‘wrong’ with them or that […]

What is a demand?

You might have noticed the word demand used a lot in this blog. But what exactly is a demand? For most people a demand is something they have to do, something that takes time and energy to complete that might be better spent elsewhere. For these people a demand can be anything from having to […]