What my meltdowns look like

It’s commonly known in the Autistic community that a meltdown is nothing like a tantrum. It’s a total loss of control, a need to get emotions out, to find some stability by exploding and getting rid of the pressure building up inside. Everyone knows you cannot reason with someone when they are having a meltdown, […]

Where’s the support for the neurodiverse family?

When a family is given support or advice it’s nearly always tailored to NT’s parenting neurodiverse children or towards NT siblings of neurodiverse children. But what about the neurodiverse family? The PDA Soapbox recently created a blog post asking for advice on how to parent multiple neurodiverse children, you can read the post here. It’s a brilliant […]

No, we can’t just accept ‘no’.

We can’t just accept ‘no’. There is no accepting it for us. It’s not a game we are playing, we’re not trying to ‘win’ anything, we’re not doing this for fun or because we want to. This is our life. We don’t want to act this way. We don’t get to ‘win’ against ourselves. Everyday […]

Harry Thompson’s PDA videos

If you haven’t already seen Harry Thompson’s videos on PDA then let me tell you a little about them. Harry Thompson is an adult who has PDA, he has created videos that are available online on Youtube for people to learn about how PDA affects him and about PDA in general. There are some really […]

PDA Awareness Day 2017

It’s nearly PDA Awareness Day 15th May 2017. This year the PDA Society has been hard at work creating new ways to get awareness of PDA into society. Lots of groups, blogs, websites and PDA people and their families have been hard at work spreading as much information about PDA around in the hopes of […]

We should be standing together

I recently read an article explaining why PDA isn’t diagnosed, the article basically inferred that PDA doesn’t exist and is just attachment disorder being mislabelled. Amongst the comments at the end of the article was one by an ‘Autistic individual’, this person said, and I quote: “Not all autistic individuals support PDA.” and “I do […]