There’s no such thing as no demands

A lot of parents recognise that their PDA kids have a lot of anxiety, usually triggered by demands which can cause avoidance and panic attacks. In order to help their children they will remove demands in order to make it easier to cope. This is helpful for the PDA child as they can only handle so much anxiety […]

How to tell if it’s ODD or PDA

ODD – deficit or injury to the brain, genetic personality trait making them more prone to having ODD or environmental PDA – genetic ODD – may have autism/Asperger’s as well, although some believe autistic people cannot also have ODD as those types of traits are common in autism difficulties anyway PDA – a sub-type of […]

P is for Pathological.

P is for Pathological. Pathological has a negative stigma attached to it. People hear pathological and their first thoughts are of pathological liars or pathological murderers and they think pathological means people like to do it a lot. They think those people are able to control their actions but have something ‘wrong’ with them or that […]