Sporty Autie

One of the myths surrounding Autism (or Asperger’s if you prefer) is that Autistics/Aspies aren’t sporty. Some people believe that Autistics are too slow and bumbling to play sports correctly or that Aspies are too geeky and anal to kick a ball around. These negative stereotypes can be harmful to those spectrumites who do enjoy […]

If you take away my Autism

If you were to take away my Autism, it wouldn’t just be the unacceptable behaviour you’d be taking away. The thing about Autism is, it’s a name, a list of traits which describe the way a person acts. It also describes how the person thinks and feels. Autism, when you think about it, describes a […]

You should thank me…

You should thank me, after all, I’m pretty relaxed and easy going on the outside. I can hold a conversation and appear friendly. You wouldn’t guess I’m Autistic or that I’m stressed. You can’t tell when I feel I’m about to explode or want to say or do something rude. You should thank me for […]

A love of novelty

It’s quite a well-known fact that Autistic people dislike change, so much so that many have been know to meltdown at the idea of any change to their routine. Autistic people prefer routine because it’s safe and predictable, you know what’s going to happen, when and how. There’s less anxiety because there are fewer unknown […]


Alexithymia or ‘how to recognise anxiety in your child when you don’t recognise it in yourself’. Alexithymia (Alexi for short)┬áis difficulty recognising, understanding and/or feeling emotions. Some Alexi people don’t feel any emotions at all, some can feel some emotions, some feel like their emotions are distant as if through dense fog. Some Alexi people […]