More tips for parenting your PDA child.

Due to demands being so hard for PDA people to take, the way you verbalise demands is very important. Since every child is different, even within PDA, what might work for one may not work for another. PDA children also have a tendency to prefer novelty, which is why new tactics may work for a short […]

If you take away my Autism

If you were to take away my Autism, it wouldn’t just be the unacceptable behaviour you’d be taking away. The thing about Autism is, it’s a name, a list of traits which describe the way a person acts. It also describes how the person thinks and feels. Autism, when you think about it, describes a […]

The ways I don’t quite fit the Autism label.

I have a diagnosis of Asperger’s. When I first learnt about Autism I thought the label fit me. As it’s a spectrum it made sense that not everything applied to myself. I am terrible at maths. There’s not really any ‘one’ thing that I’m good at. I don’t have one particular obsession. Routine doesn’t work […]