Day 30 of the blogging challenge.

Daily Routine. Um…I think I already did a ‘my day in detail’ so I’m not sure how that differs from a daily routine. I’ll go for a typical day then. Wake 7-8 am, get baby up and changed, check toddler has been fed or feed toddler, get breakfast, put washing on, feed baby, get dressed, […]

Day 29 of the blogging challenge.

Family. My immediate¬†family includes myself, my soon-to-be husband and three boys. My extended family includes my soon-to-be mother-in-law, her partner, some uncles, an aunt, a cousin and her family and some other family members. I’ve never really had a large family and being a not-very sociable person I don’t tend to see most of my […]

OCD after having children.

Some people develop OCD after having a child. This isn’t surprising. Having a baby can change a lot of things, including a person’s genetics and lifestyle. There are more things to worry about, a lack of sleep and almost constant demands being placed upon a person. When you have a susceptible, completely reliant, cute little […]

Day 28 of the blogging challenge.

What do I want? ūüėÄ What don’t I want haha well, here’s a ‘short’ list :p My own house A library in said house a pool in¬†said house chocolate…lots and lots of chocolate a big, big, 6 story chocolate cake, complete with a caterpillar cake every DS game in existence every film/programme that I like […]

Day 27 of the blogging challenge.

How I envision my life to be… Hmmm… I guess I see life as a game. There are bits to be completed like school, there are achievements such as reaching 18, getting your first job, getting married and having children. There are special levels which¬†aren’t open to everyone like moving abroad and overcoming adversity. Some […]