The Autism of PDA

A question I recently heard was ‘can only high functioning Asperger’s have PDA?’ It’s not the first time I’ve come across a similar question or a comment that all PDAers are ‘high functioning’ or have ‘great verbal skills’. While it does seem that many PDAers have better verbal and social skills than most Autistics, this […]

Sporty Autie

One of the myths surrounding Autism (or Asperger’s if you prefer) is that Autistics/Aspies aren’t sporty. Some people believe that Autistics are too slow and bumbling to play sports correctly or that Aspies are too geeky and anal to kick a ball around. These negative stereotypes can be harmful to those spectrumites who do enjoy […]

The consequences of not avoiding

Some might think that not avoiding demands is a good thing, that it means we can do all the stuff regular people do, that pushing through demand avoidance can only lead to a better life. However, there are consequences to not avoiding demands. I’ve been trying to do more than normal recently, seeing the bridge […]

How PDA can cause depression

There are many reasons for depression, sometimes there’s no reason for it at all, it just happens. One reason can be PDA. A lack of understanding of what PDA is and why a PDAer acts the way they do can mean the person is handled badly. Many people unwittingly cause PDAers depression because they are […]

Communicating is f’in hard

Communicating is f’in hard, so hard it’s worthy of a swear word, albeit an edited one. I’m not talking about all forms of communicating here, I’m mostly focussing on verbal communication, which isn’t the same as speaking. Anyone can say some words, but putting words together in a way that makes sense in order to […]