Causing meltdowns

Meltdowns are awful things to experience, both for the person having the meltdown and those watching. So many parents try to adapt their parenting style to avoid triggering meltdowns. Those who experience meltdowns do everything they can to avoid having a meltdown, including avoiding triggers, shutting down instead, staying away from triggering environments, trying to […]

Managing Demands

If you don’t already know about the Spoon theory then you can read up about it via this┬áLink. I’ll be using the term spoons to describe the energy needed to manage demands. When someone finds out that they are a PDAer or have a PDAer they may begin using PDA strategies, one of the first […]

Uni/college stress

I have a HNC (Higher National Certificate) in Business studies from college (it was a Uni course, but was taught at a college), it should have been a HND (Higher National Diploma) but I missed the last term, so missed out on the necessary points to gain a HND. I worked my way up from […]