If you take away my Autism

If you were to take away my Autism, it wouldn’t just be the unacceptable behaviour you’d be taking away. The thing about Autism is, it’s a name, a list of traits which describe the way a person acts. It also describes how the person thinks and feels. Autism, when you think about it, describes a […]

Dinner time

Partner – “what do you want for dinner? I’m doing tins for quickness. There’s soup, meatballs or spaghetti on toast” Me – oh crap, dinner “Um…I’ll have a look” Pokes head in cupboard “oh, there’s cheese and broccoli pasta, I’ll have that. I’ll make it myself later because I know you don’t like the smell” Partner – “okay, that’s fine” […]

The ring theory

The ring theory was developed as a way of explaining how best to speak to people who are dealing with illness/health problems. I thought it was a great way of seeing who you should and shouldn’t speak to about the issue depending on where in the ring you are. Ring theory link I was thinking […]

What PDA feels like to me

It can be difficult to put into words something that you can only feel and not actually see. I’ve spent a while thinking about what Pathological Demand Avoidance feels like for me. This is the best way I can describe it, bearing in mind I have other conditions as well as PDA and that my […]

Demand avoidance: when there’s nothing there

Demand avoidance: when there’s nothing there We all know the process. Child acts out, parent goes searching for the cause in order to help child and prevent future occurrence of negative behaviour. This makes sense. Find the cause and you’ll ‘correct’ the behaviour. After all, all behaviour is communication. But what happens when the parent […]

You should thank me…

You should thank me, after all, I’m pretty relaxed and easy going on the outside. I can hold a conversation and appear friendly. You wouldn’t guess I’m Autistic or that I’m stressed. You can’t tell when I feel I’m about to explode or want to say or do something rude. You should thank me for […]

PDA blogs I read

Here is a list of blogs about PDA which I read, some of these are written by PDAers and others are written by parents of PDAers. They’re all helpful and well worth reading. Me, Myself and PDA this blog is by Julia Daunt, a PDA adult who does a lot of great work for PDA. What […]