Adult coping strategies.

As an adult I have developed many different strategies and coping skills to help manage the more difficult elements of my PDA. Some of these strategies I’ve learnt to adopt and others have come naturally to me, even before I knew what PDA was. Now that I understand my difficulties better I can see what […]

There’s no such thing as no demands

A lot of parents recognise that their PDA kids have a lot of anxiety, usually triggered by demands which can cause avoidance and panic attacks. In order to help their children they will remove demands in order to make it easier to cope. This is helpful for the PDA child as they can only handle so much anxiety […]

PDA and communication

Communication. 85% non verbal, 15% verbal. There’s speech, tone of voice, body language, facial movements, body stance, terminology, hand movements, timing, lies, literal and non literal meanings, eye movement, other verbal noises, silence and pauses between speaking. Even for the most social of neurotypical people communication can still be problematic. For autistic and PDA people […]

PDA and attachment disorder aren’t the same

I recently came across a blog post where the writer was stating that PDA doesn’t exist and these individuals are actually children who have been mistreated and abused, that they actually have attachment disorder. This made me rather angry. Firstly the person has no experience of PDA children and secondly their perception of autism was […]