Harry Thompson’s PDA videos

If you haven’t already seen Harry Thompson’s videos on PDA then let me tell you a little about them. Harry Thompson is an adult who has PDA, he has created videos that are available online on Youtube for people to learn about how PDA affects him and about PDA in general. There are some really […]

PDA Awareness Day 2017

It’s nearly PDA Awareness Day 15th May 2017. This year the PDA Society has been hard at work creating new ways to get awareness of PDA into society. Lots of groups, blogs, websites and PDA people and their families have been hard at work spreading as much information about PDA around in the hopes of […]

We should be standing together

I recently read an article explaining why PDA isn’t diagnosed, the article basically inferred that PDA doesn’t exist and is just attachment disorder being mislabelled. Amongst the comments at the end of the article was one by an ‘Autistic individual’, this person said, and I quote: “Not all autistic individuals support PDA.” and “I do […]

A squash and a squeeze

I read a children’s book a few years ago called ‘A squash and a squeeze’, it’s about a lady who feels her home is too small. She asks a wise old man to help her out, his advice is to take one of her animals in to her home. With every animal she takes in […]

The Autism of PDA

A question I recently heard was ‘can only high functioning Asperger’s have PDA?’ It’s not the first time I’ve come across a similar question or a comment that all PDAers are ‘high functioning’ or have ‘great verbal skills’. While it does seem that many PDAers have better verbal and social skills than most Autistics, this […]

How PDA can cause depression

There are many reasons for depression, sometimes there’s no reason for it at all, it just happens. One reason can be PDA. A lack of understanding of what PDA is and why a PDAer acts the way they do can mean the person is handled badly. Many people unwittingly cause PDAers depression because they are […]