Radical Unschooling

I’ve been reading this brilliant blog https://homecrazzyhome.wordpress.com/ by Tara, a lovely mother to PanKwake. They are Radical Unschoolers and she details her life Radically Unschooling her PDA daughter. Radical Unschooling follows on from the Unschooling principle, a type of Home Education which doesn’t follow the strict rule and routine of regular schooling. Unschooling is letting your child […]

Who am I?

Who am I? Am I a PDA person? Or do I have PDA? Am I an adult with PDA? Or an adult PDAer? Am I a person with PDA? A PDA adult? Or just a PDAer? Do I have Pathological Demand Avoidance? Or am I Pathologically Demand Avoidant? Who am I?

10 things not to say about PDA

It’s not easy to pluck up the courage to explain you or your loved ones condition to another person, especially when that condition is rare, slightly controversial and largely misunderstood by society. So when those people then come out with comments which are rude, stereotypical, offensive or just plain wrong, it makes it that much […]

The monster

There’s a big, bad monster living in my head It’s eating away at me from under my bed   I hear so many times how we (us PDAers and Autistics) don’t seem to care; about our appearance, about our hygiene, about our health, about the fact that we smell because we haven’t washed in days […]

Books on PDA

There are a small number of books either about or containing Pathological Demand Avoidance in them. I’m told there are some more on the way which I’m excited about and will be sharing the links to once they are out. In the meantime here is a list of the ones which are already published. I’ll […]