Sensory overeating

So, I’ve been trying to figure out why I overeat. I’ve always said it’s not because I comfort eat, I can’t eat when I’m sad/upset, I only eat when I’m content/happy. I don’t eat to fill any hole inside, except when my stomach is empty. Actually, I struggle to eat when my stomach is empty […]


I’ve heard it said that us PDAers don’t feel shame, that we are unmoved by the shameful behaviours we display, behaviours that would cause others to stop and think before they act. This isn’t especially true. Maybe it’s accurate for some, but for the majority of us, we definitely do feel shame, in fact, we […]

PDA oppositional behaviour

Oppositional behaviour – where a person behaves in a way that is opposite to what is expected by themselves and/or others. Many people dislike this term, especially when it’s used to describe PDAers who wont do what people have told them to do. They’re not conforming to authority and so they are being oppositional.¬†Perhaps the […]

First, and then

I’m quite fond of the first, and then¬†technique to help motivate a person to do something by including a ‘reward’. The technique goes – first you need to tidy this, then you can play a game. This helps them see what they need to do first and what they can do next. This is good […]


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is an invisible disability characterised by severe/debilitating fatigue. The causes can be from anything including autism/PDA, a viral infection, an operation, an accident, problems with the immune system or stress/trauma. The effect of CFS is different for every person and can range from severe to mild, for some it clears up […]

Why do PDAers lie?

Why do PDAers lie? There are many reasons why a person lies. Society as a whole relies on lying, it’s accepted to say “you look nice” to someone who has just had a haircut, even if it looks terrible, and who hasn’t said their partner doesn’t look fat when they ask, even if they do. […]

Emotional avoidance

Did you know PDAers may also avoid feeling and/or reacting to emotions? It’s not something most people will see as a demand but as I like to say, anything and everything can be perceived as a demand, this includes emotions. You’ve probably heard about kids who don’t react in a socially preferred way at funerals […]