How PDA can cause depression

There are many reasons for depression, sometimes there’s no reason for it at all, it just happens. One reason can be PDA. A lack of understanding of what PDA is and why a PDAer acts the way they do can mean the person is handled badly. Many people unwittingly cause PDAers depression because they are […]

The PDA empath

Imagine walking into a crowded room and instantly being able to feel every emotion each person was feeling as if the emotions were your own. You would feel depressed, happy, sad, anxious, excited, jealous, angry etc all at once. It would be overwhelming. No doubt you would turn around and leave, unable to control all […]


Alexithymia or ‘how to recognise anxiety in your child when you don’t recognise it in yourself’. Alexithymia (Alexi for short)┬áis difficulty recognising, understanding and/or feeling emotions. Some Alexi people don’t feel any emotions at all, some can feel some emotions, some feel like their emotions are distant as if through dense fog. Some Alexi people […]

Tips for parenting your PDA child.

Parenting a PDA child can be quite difficult as they require a parenting technique which is rather different from typical parenting and even Autistic parenting. Due to the high levels of anxiety and the constant need for control, PDA children find it intolerable to follow commands, whether these come from an outside source or themselves. […]

Excessive mood swings and impulsivity.

It’s difficult to see how my mood changes is different from typical people’s without extensively studying their behaviours. I struggle with understanding how people act/react and the reasons for their actions/behaviour. What I do know is how I act/react and how mu mood can change throughout a day. Most of the time my mood is […]