Recovering from being sociable

Being sociable is hard. It’s tiring, mentally exhausting. My brain feels like it needs a break. This is common for neurodiverse people, not so much for neurotypical people. I’ve heard that for ‘normal’ people, being sociable is a way of de-stressing and recovering from the day’s events 😮 For Autistic people and especially for PDA […]

Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is where the signals between the brain and ear get muddled up, so the information the ears are picking up gets misinterpreted by the brain. This isn’t a problem with the ears, there’s no hearing problem but rather a processing issue by the brain. Imagine a car on a road. For […]

A place to waffle

What’s the point of having a blog if I can’t ramble on about myself once in a while? I dunno, maybe there are other places to unleash my spew of words…my brain isn’t working enough for me to think of a better place so I came here. Lately I’ve been a bit…bleagh. Just, floppy I […]

How to tell if it’s ODD or PDA

ODD – deficit or injury to the brain, genetic personality trait making them more prone to having ODD or environmental PDA – genetic ODD – may have autism/Asperger’s as well, although some believe autistic people cannot also have ODD as those types of traits are common in autism difficulties anyway PDA – a sub-type of […]

PDA Awareness Day 2016

PDA (pathological demand avoidance) awareness day is today (15th May 2016). I’m excited. This is a first time for me because I only really became aware of PDA last year, I haven’t been blogging about it for long. There are many people out celebrating PDA and helping bringing awareness of PDA by holding fundraisers and […]


Alexithymia or ‘how to recognise anxiety in your child when you don’t recognise it in yourself’. Alexithymia (Alexi for short) is difficulty recognising, understanding and/or feeling emotions. Some Alexi people don’t feel any emotions at all, some can feel some emotions, some feel like their emotions are distant as if through dense fog. Some Alexi people […]