More tips for parenting your PDA child.

Due to demands being so hard for PDA people to take, the way you verbalise demands is very important. Since every child is different, even within PDA, what might work for one may not work for another. PDA children also have a tendency to prefer novelty, which is why new tactics may work for a short […]

PDA Kids Quotes

I asked some kids what PDA is like for them. Their responses were brilliant. Andy said “having PDA is good but it can make me angry” He advises teachers to “listen to the PDA kid” and states that “dogs are good for people with PDA cause they lick you and make you laugh and be […]

Positive PDA

After the rather depressing and negative last posts I wanted to do one a little happier, so here is positive PDA, a positive post on all the good things about PDA. A lot of these points are based on my version of PDA (my life) and some are based on points I’ve been given from some […]