Uni/college stress

I have a HNC (Higher National Certificate) in Business studies from college (it was a Uni course, but was taught at a college), it should have been a HND (Higher National Diploma) but I missed the last term, so missed out on the necessary points to gain a HND. I worked my way up from […]

The Migraine Meander.

So I’ve had a headache/migraine on and off for the past month. It’s getting a bit annoying and I’ve had to limit my time on the computer to help (unsuccessfully) reduce the pain. I don’t know about other people but one of the triggers for a headache for me is spending too much time on […]

Trying not to go down the rabbit hole

The rabbit hole or taking the blue pill or eating the cake…whatever it is that alice does that causes her to grow or shrink. I hate the franchise Alice in Wonderland, I refuse to read the book or watch the film, and I love books. So when I discovered I have Alice in Wonderland syndrome […]