Day 28 of the blogging challenge.

What do I want?


What don’t I want haha well, here’s a ‘short’ list :p

  • My own house
  • A library in said house
  • a pool in said house
  • chocolate…lots and lots of chocolate
  • a big, big, 6 story chocolate cake, complete with a caterpillar cake
  • every DS game in existence
  • every film/programme that I like on DVD in a room with a large TV, games consoles and music area
  • my own rollercoaster
  • a soft play area with adult slides and a ball pool
  • my own forest/woods
  • a bike and a bike racing course
  • lots and lots and lots of socks stored in a custom made sock rack
  • books, lots and lots and lots of books
  • a bath the size of a pool, you know, like the one in Harry Potter
  • my own publishing contract
  • mahogany furniture
  • cleaners and maybe a gardener
  • squash/badminton/football/basketball courts
  • a dog, a cat, a spider, a gecko, 2 rabbits
  • every Gameboy/DS console created
  • lots of Lego
  • a real Dragon
  • my own real Digimon
  • 6 real Pokémon

Wait…what do you mean it’s supposed to be ‘feasible’ things that I want? Oh…well in that case then just some books and socks.


Stay tuned for the next blogging challenge: Family.

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