We should be standing together

I recently read an article explaining why PDA isn’t diagnosed, the article basically inferred that PDA doesn’t exist and is just attachment disorder being mislabelled. Amongst the comments at the end of the article was one by an ‘Autistic individual’, this person said, and I quote: “Not all autistic individuals support PDA.” and “I do […]

The Autism of PDA

A question I recently heard was ‘can only high functioning Asperger’s have PDA?’ It’s not the first time I’ve come across a similar question or a comment that all PDAers are ‘high functioning’ or have ‘great verbal skills’. While it does seem that many PDAers have better verbal and social skills than most Autistics, this […]

Communicating is f’in hard

Communicating is f’in hard, so hard it’s worthy of a swear word, albeit an edited one. I’m not talking about all forms of communicating here, I’m mostly focussing on verbal communication, which isn’t the same as speaking. Anyone can say some words, but putting words together in a way that makes sense in order to […]

Sensory overeating

So, I’ve been trying to figure out why I overeat. I’ve always said it’s not because I comfort eat, I can’t eat when I’m sad/upset, I only eat when I’m content/happy. I don’t eat to fill any hole inside, except when my stomach is empty. Actually, I struggle to eat when my stomach is empty […]


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is an invisible disability characterised by severe/debilitating fatigue. The causes can be from anything including autism/PDA, a viral infection, an operation, an accident, problems with the immune system or stress/trauma. The effect of CFS is different for every person and can range from severe to mild, for some it clears up […]

Why do PDAers lie?

Why do PDAers lie? There are many reasons why a person lies. Society as a whole relies on lying, it’s accepted to say “you look nice” to someone who has just had a haircut, even if it looks terrible, and who hasn’t said their partner doesn’t look fat when they ask, even if they do. […]

‘Super-parenting’, how they should have written it

A recent article on the BBC had a bit of controversy when it was released, for a start the title was misleading and the article could have been written far better than it was, some of it could actually be considered insulting. While the actual process makes sense and could help some parents and autistic […]