Day 22 of the blogging challenge.

One thing I’ve never done that most people have.

Actually I can think of a few things that I haven’t done that most people have. Here are some:

  • Been arrested. No idea how common this is but it’s never happened to me.
  • Taken drugs. Unless you count legal ones :p
  • Snuck out of the house to go partying at night.
  • Had a proper fight with a best friend. I’ve had mini fights but never a proper full out fight.
  • Lived on my own. Being a single parent doesn’t count cos there was a child in the house.
  • Owned my own car. Or even learnt how to drive.

I’ve done plenty of things that most other people haven’t done either and tons that most everyone has done too. But we’re all different and have different life experiences so of course there are people who have/haven’t done things that most people have/haven’t done 😉

Next time on the blogging challenge: Most memorable vacation.

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