The ways I don’t quite fit the Autism label.

I have a diagnosis of Asperger’s. When I first learnt about Autism I thought the label fit me. As it’s a spectrum it made sense that not everything applied to myself. I am terrible at maths. There’s not really any ‘one’ thing that I’m good at. I don’t have one particular obsession. Routine doesn’t work […]

Day 24 of the blogging challenge.

Goals for next month. Well, by next month I should be finished with this blogging challenge. It was supposed to last just 30 days but with family commitments and PDA I haven’t really managed to stick to the schedule. I’ve come this far though so it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish. So once this […]

Do my disabilities define me?

Define: State or describe exactly the nature, scope or meaning of. Some people say ‘Autism doesn’t define you’ or ‘don’t let you disabilities define you’ or ‘don’t let your past define who you are today’ etc. Other people say ‘how can my past not define who I am when it’s impacted upon my personality and […]

Why anxiety self-help only half works.

There are many articles out there that explain how to overcome anxiety. While there’s a lot of useful information in them I think they only half work. The advice given has merit, dealing with the facts rather than emotions that surround your anxieties, exercise, avoid caffeine and alcohol, practising breathing and meditating etc. While these […]

Day 23 of the blogging challenge.

Most memorable vacation. That would have to be the holiday I went on with my family when I was a teenager. We went to Cyprus and for three days we took a ferry over to Egypt. I remember it mostly because Cyprus was nice with plenty of Orange trees and we made an American friend.  […]

Excessive mood swings and impulsivity.

It’s difficult to see how my mood changes is different from typical people’s without extensively studying their behaviours. I struggle with understanding how people act/react and the reasons for their actions/behaviour. What I do know is how I act/react and how mu mood can change throughout a day. Most of the time my mood is […]

Comfortable in role play.

Role play, the one thing I failed at in high school. I hated Drama. I was terrible at it. The anxiety I felt at being centre stage was almost crippling. I refused to participate, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have a part in any play. I’m quite bad at acting in front of people, especially those […]