Positive PDA

After the rather depressing and negative last posts I wanted to do one a little happier, so here is positive PDA, a positive post on all the good things about PDA. A lot of these points are based on my version of PDA (my life) and some are based on points I’ve been given from some […]

Tips for parenting your PDA child.

Parenting a PDA child can be quite difficult as they require a parenting technique which is rather different from typical parenting and even Autistic parenting. Due to the high levels of anxiety and the constant need for control, PDA children find it intolerable to follow commands, whether these come from an outside source or themselves. […]

Theory of mind and PDA.

PDA people generally struggle with applying the same rules to themselves as they do to others. They insist everyone follow the rules completely and become overly anxious when people do not follow the rules to the letter. However they don’t apply those same rules to themselves, feeling like it’s okay for them to bend or […]