What my meltdowns look like

It’s commonly known in the Autistic community that a meltdown is nothing like a tantrum. It’s a total loss of control, a need to get emotions out, to find some stability by exploding and getting rid of the pressure building up inside. Everyone knows you cannot reason with someone when they are having a meltdown, […]

Causing meltdowns

Meltdowns are awful things to experience, both for the person having the meltdown and those watching. So many parents try to adapt their parenting style to avoid triggering meltdowns. Those who experience meltdowns do everything they can to avoid having a meltdown, including avoiding triggers, shutting down instead, staying away from triggering environments, trying to […]

Bad Autism days

I have bad Autism days sometimes. Days where my anxiety sky-rockets for no reason at all. Days where sensory issues are heightened and everything feels wrong and irritating. Days where my motor skills regress so I drop and spill everything. Days where I struggle to string two words together. Days where my vision swims and […]

There’s no such thing as no demands

A lot of parents recognise that their PDA kids have a lot of anxiety, usually triggered by demands which can cause avoidance and panic attacks. In order to help their children they will remove demands in order to make it easier to cope. This is helpful for the PDA child as they can only handle so much anxiety […]

In the moment

Trigger warning. “Everybody hates me” “I’d be better off dead” “Everyone would be happier if I didn’t exist” “I’ll just kill myself and then everybody can be happy when I’m gone” “Why do you hate me” “Everything I do is wrong, why can’t I just be right” Horrible to hear from someone you love. Horrible […]

Fight, Flight or Freeze.

It’s been bugging me how often I see articles, blogs and other general information on the fight or flight instinct but nothing is mentioned about the freeze instinct. You’d think people would be more knowledgeable, especially since it’s such a well-known instinct in rabbits. Who doesn’t know about rabbits freezing when they see the lights from […]

A is for Avoidance.

A is for Avoidance. Avoidance is the act of keeping away from something, a fitting action then to the fear that demand evokes. When a person avoids something they go out of their way to make sure they don’t go near the thing, to not think about the thing, to not feel the thing or […]