Day 27 of the blogging challenge.

How I envision my life to be…


I guess I see life as a game. There are bits to be completed like school, there are achievements such as reaching 18, getting your first job, getting married and having children. There are special levels which aren’t open to everyone like moving abroad and overcoming adversity. Some of us have things which hold us back like illness, divorce and disabilities. There are those who are using a different console to play the game on, one which doesn’t quite download properly, such as Autism, bipolar, ADHD and PDA. As we go along we get points based on what we do which accumulates into learning, skills, understanding, new opportunities, etc, which we can then use to gain more achievements. The overall aim of the game is different for every person. The opening credits weren’t clear so some think it’s happiness while others think it’s having kids or getting the ultimate great job. There are levels which are easy and levels which are downright hard.  Some levels take forever to get through while others are short, and most of them overlap. Sometimes you can’t even tell which levels you are on. Some people don’t make it through and unfortunately this is a game where there are few ‘try again’ options.

That’s not to say I don’t take life seriously…sometimes.

My life seems to be quite new to this game, yet I’ve already done so many hours on it that it feels like too much. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a lot of opportunities and achievements. I’ve probably had quite a few monsters and gotten stuck in the mud in the swamplands a fair few times, but I’ve made it through. I’ve accumulated a few companions along the way and have unlocked 3 new characters. I’ve moved to new areas of the game. I’d definitely say I’ve amassed a large amount of points, most of which was not having a ‘game over’ symbol appear on the really difficult levels. I think I also received more points for the hindrances which have attached themselves onto my player, ones such as ‘slow speed’, a shield which dims the areas I haven’t yet reached and a very nice delay in attack.

Overall I seem to have progressed well in this game. Sometimes I forget to play and other times I go round in circles but generally I’ve done quite well. And I’ve certainty had a few easy, short levels which might have been harder for others. I just wish I hadn’t accidentally deleted some of my previous memory saves, it’s taken me a while to get used to how the save button works haha.


Next time on the blogging challenge: What do I want?

Hopefully the next blog won’t take weeks to do. I kind of forgot it existed for a while 😦 true story.

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