Disorder or difference?

Autism, ADHD, sensory processing, PDA. All of these are labelled as being disorders. I know many of these people who state that they feel these are not disorders, rather they are differences. And different isn’t wrong. I have to agree with them, just because something isn’t the way you are used to doesn’t mean it’s […]

PDA and healthy eating.

Healthy eating, it’s something we think about daily. Everything that’s good for us seems to come in the shape of a demand. Going to school can get us a decent education which can lead to a better job – a demand given to us from society. Getting dressed, washing, grooming ourselves – a demand from […]

A is for Avoidance.

A is for Avoidance. Avoidance is the act of keeping away from something, a fitting action then to the fear that demand evokes. When a person avoids something they go out of their way to make sure they don’t go near the thing, to not think about the thing, to not feel the thing or […]

D is for Demand.

D is for Demand. A demand is an insistent and peremptory (good word, it means insisting on immediate attention or obedience) request. Basically, anything that someone has ordered to be done right away with no choice of inaction. It seems that the word demand is synonymous to obedience (and people wonder why we resist). To […]

The need for change.

There are a few differences between Autism and PDA. One of them is the difference in preference to change. Both Autistic people and PDA people struggle with transitions and unexpected changes, however, Autistic people have more of a preference for consistency whereas PDA peopleĀ need a certain amount of change. Many Autistic people prefer to eat […]

P is for Pathological.

P is for Pathological. Pathological has a negative stigma attached to it. People hear pathological and their first thoughts are of pathological liars orĀ pathological murderers and they think pathological means people like to do it a lot. They think those people are able to control their actions but have something ‘wrong’ with them or that […]

OCD and demand avoidance

OCD goes a little something like this: demand avoidance goes a little like this: For me, having both OCD and demand avoidance, when I experienced (some) bad thoughts, the process went a little differently: Something like that. For some aspects of my OCD, I would experience the negative thoughts and would feel the need to […]