I don’t look sick

I don’t look sick, not from the outside you can’t see what’s wrong with me by using your eyes. I ache and shake, feel hot and weak but no one can tell, not unless I speak to tell you what’s wrong and why I feel dizzy. I can’t explain what’s wrong as I’m not quite […]

The ‘real world’

Apparently, children live in some fake world that is just a practice for the ‘real world’. Did you know this? I hear people say “they need to learn to do this now so they can cope when they get into the real world” or “they won’t be able to do this in the real world” […]

Bad Autism days

I have bad Autism days sometimes. Days where my anxiety sky-rockets for no reason at all. Days where sensory issues are heightened and everything feels wrong and irritating. Days where my motor skills regress so I drop and spill everything. Days where I struggle to string two words together. Days where my vision swims and […]

The obsession saturation point

Autistic people are described as having obsessions. I personally prefer the term interest or hobby, because that’s what they are, it’s just that Autistics tend to be more interested in them than NT’s. Not that NT’s can’t become intensely focussed on one subject either, they can, but unless they are socially inappropriate then they are […]

The PDA profile

We’ve all heard the statement ‘when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism’, but is this also true for PDA? I’ve heard many people say that the profile or trait list for PDA describes their child ‘to a T’, or ‘could have been written about X’. I haven’t heard many […]

PDA Kids Quotes

I asked some kids what PDA is like for them. Their responses were brilliant. Andy said “having PDA is good but it can make me angry” He advises teachers to “listen to the PDA kid” and states that “dogs are good for people with PDA cause they lick you and make you laugh and be […]