D is for Demand.

D is for Demand. A demand is an insistent and peremptory (good word, it means insisting on immediate attention or obedience) request. Basically, anything that someone has ordered to be done right away with no choice of inaction. It seems that the word demand is synonymous to obedience (and people wonder why we resist). To […]

OCD and demand avoidance

OCD goes a little something like this: demand avoidance goes a little like this: For me, having both OCD and demand avoidance, when I experienced (some) bad thoughts, the process went a little differently: Something like that. For some aspects of my OCD, I would experience the negative thoughts and would feel the need to […]

When OCD isn’t OCD.

Have you ever seen the TV programme Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners? I have. I have a hard time believing the people on there actually have OCD. The general public have a rather skewed idea of what OCD actually is and what it looks like. Most people if you ask them believe it is a preference for […]