The downfall of coping strategies

Coping strategies are supposed to help us manage issues, they provide us with a way of managing areas which are difficulties in our lives. Some work perfectly without any negative repercussions, however, some coping strategies can have the opposite effect. For me, I’ve noticed that some of my strategies for managing Demand Avoidance, while being […]

Fantasy and role play

I’ve hesitated to write about this subject much because for me some parts are rather personal, however the subject can be an important part of a PDAers life and the lives of the people around them. In this blog post I will be sharing my fantasy and role play and how I use it in […]

Adult coping strategies.

As an adult I have developed many different strategies and coping skills to help manage the more difficult elements of my PDA. Some of these strategies I’ve learnt to adopt and others have come naturally to me, even before I knew what PDA was. Now that I understand my difficulties better I can see what […]

Comfortable in role play.

Role play, the one thing I failed at in high school. I hated Drama. I was terrible at it. The anxiety I felt at being centre stage was almost crippling. I refused to participate, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have a part in any play. I’m quite bad at acting in front of people, especially those […]