Day 24 of the blogging challenge.

Goals for next month.

Well, by next month I should be finished with this blogging challenge. It was supposed to last just 30 days but with family commitments and PDA I haven’t really managed to stick to the schedule. I’ve come this far though so it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish. So once this challenge has finished I’ll be looking to do more writing on PDA and other subjects (motivation pertaining).

I also want to get back to writing fiction, something I haven’t had the time to do recently. I’ve a few stories that are half-written which I’m determined to finish sometime before I die.

Next month, after the birthdays and Easter and whatnot are over with, I want to start reducing some of the debt we’ve accumulated over the Christmas period.

Exercise is also something I want to get back into the swing of. Getting outside once the weather warms up is a good idea and is bound to help me lose some of the weight I’ve put on.

I need to learn how to drive too. It’s becoming more essential that I do so and it will help to open up my world a little more so I will maybe do that too next month.

Sounds like a lot to do 🙂 One thing at a time 😉


Next time on the blogging challenge: What made my day special? We shall see…

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