It’s easy for other people to doubt us when we say we have an invisible disability, after all they can’t see it and they either know nothing about the disability or what they do know is so stereotypical that it doesn’t match what they know of you. It still hurts when they say we are […]


I shouldn’t have to do this. He shouldn’t be behaving like this. We shouldn’t have to put up with her acting like this. You shouldn’t put up with that behaviour. I shouldn’t have to live like this. He should act his age. She should know better. Should. People seem to assume that should equals must. […]

Litter picking

The life of a PDAer –¬†Litter picking Finishes packet of crisps. Crumples packet into a ball. Leaves on nearby table. Hour later needs toilet, gets up and grabs empty crisp packet. Walks past bin and attempts to throw it in. Misses, packet lands on floor. Stands looking at packet for few moments, then continues on […]

PDA doesn’t equal violence

I hear a lot of people who have children diagnosed with PDA or who have just heard of PDA but are confused as to whether PDA actually fits their children because they don’t display violence or aggression. It seems like violent behaviour is becoming known as a PDA trait. Whilst some PDAers can be violent […]

PDA and periods

Periods can be a difficult time for any person but for a PDA person it can be a time fraught with worry and embarrassment. It’s hard enough getting through this stage every month when you have lots of support, knowledge and practice, it’s even harder when you have no one to guide you, no real […]

A love of novelty

It’s quite a well-known fact that Autistic people dislike change, so much so that many have been know to meltdown at the idea of any change to their routine. Autistic people prefer routine because it’s safe and predictable, you know what’s going to happen, when and how. There’s less anxiety because there are fewer unknown […]