Day 30 of the blogging challenge.

Daily Routine.

Um…I think I already did a ‘my day in detail’ so I’m not sure how that differs from a daily routine. I’ll go for a typical day then.

Wake 7-8 am, get baby up and changed, check toddler has been fed or feed toddler, get breakfast, put washing on, feed baby, get dressed, dress baby and toddler if not already dressed, make up bottle for next feed, put TV on for toddler.

Next few hours are spent entertaining/feeding toddler and baby whilst doing some housework and on the computer.

Lunch – someone feeds toddler while other person feeds baby, then get own lunch, maybe do dishes, make up another bottle, change baby and toddler if haven’t already done emergency poo change, attempt tidying up while toddler makes more mess, put washing onto dry cycle.

More entertaining/feeding of kids whilst either on computer or tidying. Eldest comes home from school around half 3, supervise playing of 3 kids, see what’s for dinner, make another bottle, start countdown to bedtimes.

Dinner – feed baby, make another bottle, make sure toddler is eating and not throwing food and drink on floor as usual, eat own dinner, check washing is dry and if not stick onto dry for longer.

Start bedtime routine either with baths or trying to get kids to sit and watch TV so they calm down, get toddler changed and into pj’s, feed baby, change and get into pj’s, get toast and milk for toddler, put baby to bed if tired, brush toddler’s teeth, if my turn then read to and put toddler to bed, watch TV with eldest, tell eldest to get ready for bed, if my turn take eldest to bed, relax.

Will watch TV and/or go on computer while spending time with partner and relaxing, eat food, maybe tidy up a bit if needed (usually does), take vitamin pills, brush teeth, get ready for bed, go to bed.

Get up at least once during night to feed/soothe baby and/or to comfort toddler during usual night ‘terror/dream/no idea but something’s bothering him’ thing.

Start whole ‘routine’ again the next day.


This is based on a day where there aren’t any baby/toddler groups on (we go to 3 at the moment), we don’t go shopping, take toddler to nursery, etc…so in other words it’s a lazy Wednesday.


Well there you have it, 30 full blog posts. I (finally) finished the challenge. I know my way around this blog site a bit better, have maybe improved my blogging abilities (not sure), and I have filled up my blog with some pretty personal and probably useless information. It’s been an interesting 30 ‘days’ and took a while longer than originally planned. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blogs and will tune in in the future for any new posts I may do. Maybe next time I’ll do an A – Z of things or maybe I’ll talk about some of my interests, who knows.

Thanks for reading 😀

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