Not so potty about PoTS

PoTS, short for postural tachycardia syndrome, is a combination of symptoms caused by an abnormality of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. This basically means that the nervous system, which is the system which controls the bodily functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, temperature control, bladder control, stress response, doesn’t work properly, […]

Christmas Tag

Here’s a list of Christmas questions I’ve asked myself to share with you all. What’s your favourite Christmas movie? That would have to be Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. It’s funny no matter how many times I watch it and I love the twist on the traditional tale. Have you ever had a white Christmas? It’s snowed […]

“I don’t like demands either”

There are times when people who share their diagnosis and/or explain traits of PDA, they are told “Oh, I do that too” or I don’t like demands either”. These comments come from people who are either trying to find common ground with the sharer by saying that they too have similar issues, or they are […]

The ring theory

The ring theory was developed as a way of explaining how best to speak to people who are dealing with illness/health problems. I thought it was a great way of seeing who you should and shouldn’t speak to about the issue depending on where in the ring you are. Ring theory link I was thinking […]

It’s not the movies that are scary

I don’t mind horror movies. They can be rather boring and weird and sometimes the plot lines don’t make sense, but overall, they don’t really scare me. I know they are played by actors using make-up and CGI and props. I can easily rationalise over the scary parts. What scares me is when the writing […]

I don’t look sick

I don’t look sick, not from the outside you can’t see what’s wrong with me by using your eyes. I ache and shake, feel hot and weak but no one can tell, not unless I speak to tell you what’s wrong and why I feel dizzy. I can’t explain what’s wrong as I’m not quite […]

The ‘real world’

Apparently, children live in some fake world that is just a practice for the ‘real world’. Did you know this? I hear people say “they need to learn to do this now so they can cope when they get into the real world” or “they won’t be able to do this in the real world” […]