Do my disabilities define me?

Define: State or describe exactly the nature, scope or meaning of. Some people say ‘Autism doesn’t define you’ or ‘don’t let you disabilities define you’ or ‘don’t let your past define who you are today’ etc. Other people say ‘how can my past not define who I am when it’s impacted upon my personality and […]

Why anxiety self-help only half works.

There are many articles out there that explain how to overcome anxiety. While there’s a lot of useful information in them I think they only half work. The advice given has merit, dealing with the facts rather than emotions that surround your anxieties, exercise, avoid caffeine and alcohol, practising breathing and meditating etc. While these […]

It’s not you it’s me.

Behaviour. It’s a bit like that saying ‘why worry about what other’s think of you, they’re too busy thinking about what everyone else thinks of themselves to even notice you’. When it comes to behaviour often people are too busy focusing on themselves. Most people’s behaviour is based on what they are thinking and feeling, […]


Hi again. It’s been a loooong while since I wrote here. I’ve been very busy and have done some considerable research. Recently I came across a little known rare form of ASD called PDA (pathological demand avoidance), this I believe describes me quite well and explains why I thought Asperger’s never fully fit. PDA is […]

Riko :D

Hi, my name is Riko Ryuki and I have been diagnosed with having Asperger’s syndrome. This is a neurological difference in the way my mind works as opposed to someone with an NT (neurotypical) brain. I see the world differently to everyone else and because of this I have trouble with a lot of things […]