Causing meltdowns

Meltdowns are awful things to experience, both for the person having the meltdown and those watching. So many parents try to adapt their parenting style to avoid triggering meltdowns. Those who experience meltdowns do everything they can to avoid having a meltdown, including avoiding triggers, shutting down instead, staying away from triggering environments, trying to […]

The ‘real world’

Apparently, children live in some fake world that is just a practice for the ‘real world’. Did you know this? I hear people say “they need to learn to do this now so they can cope when they get into the real world” or “they won’t be able to do this in the real world” […]

OCD after having children.

Some people develop OCD after having a child. This isn’t surprising. Having a baby can change a lot of things, including a person’s genetics and lifestyle. There are more things to worry about, a lack of sleep and almost constant demands being placed upon a person. When you have a susceptible, completely reliant, cute little […]