Positive PDA

After the rather depressing and negative last posts I wanted to do one a little happier, so here is positive PDA, a positive post on all the good things about PDA.

A lot of these points are based on my version of PDA (my life) and some are based on points I’ve been given from some parents of PDA kids, thank you people 🙂

I encourage everyone to try to find the positives in their own PDA.

  • Good in a crisis – PDA people tend to be really good when it comes to a crisis. Maybe this is because we are so used to being in a heightened state of arousal everyday anyway so when everyone around us is panicking then we are able to take over. Or maybe it’s because during a crisis the steps we need to take to protect ourselves/others seem easier to understand and straightforward, as opposed to social skills where it seems like a minefield.
  • Great problem solvers – when you spend your whole life thinking of ways to get out of having to do everything, you become rather good at problem-solving. It’s amazing how fast my brain can work to find an excuse to not comply with a demand when one is presented. That’s gotta be useful for something right?
  • Understanding of others – knowing that what people see of us on the outside doesn’t always match what’s happening on the inside makes it easier for us to understand similar about other people. We often know not to judge people based only on what we see and we are better able to find links between what a person is doing and how they are feeling/thinking. Being the parent or family member of a PDA person can also help develop understanding of others.
  • Won’t easily give in to peer pressure – if there’s one thing PDA people are known for it’s their difficulty doing what other’s want/tell them to do. Whilst this might be problematic for most things, when it comes to peer pressure and being led by a crown, they will usually refuse. Many parents will be glad their PDA child will do their own thing rather than be forced to drink, smoke, take drugs, steal etc.
  • Creativity – a lot of PDA people seem to be creative. They are good at drawing, writing, singing, creating etc. A preference to making things based on their own ideas as opposed to other’s can lead to coming up with brilliant and creative ideas.
  • Imaginative – PDAers can be very imaginative, quick to come up with new ideas, fictional stories and novel ways to do tasks. They will often use this to get out of demands in unexpected ways but they will also use this to perform brilliant original work at school and at home. Utilising this ability can prove fruitful for many PDA people and can lead to great careers.
  • Attention to detail – many PDA people don’t miss a thing. Their attention to detail can pinpoint any mistakes, deviations and/or holes in anything.
  • Great at protecting others – they seem to feel great empathy and will protect those that need it. PDA people will often take on more than they can manage to protect others without any care for their own safety, as long as the person/people they are protecting are safe then that’s all they will focus on.

If you have any other positive points of your own then I’d love to hear them 😀

4 thoughts on “Positive PDA”

  1. A great list there lovely! There are so many positives of being on the spectrum. Sometimes it is hard to see it at first, but give it time and you soon see the beauty in it too! Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday lovely. Hope you join me again this week xx

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