Dinner time

Partner – what do you want for dinner? I’m doing tins for quickness. There’s soup, meatballs or spaghetti on toast”

Me – oh crap, dinner “Um…I’ll have a look” Pokes head in cupboard “oh, there’s cheese and broccoli pasta, I’ll have that. I’ll make it myself later because I know you don’t like the smell”

Partner – “okay, that’s fine” goes off to make dinner for everyone else. Comes into living room with food for kids

Me – where’s mine? he could’ve made me something. But you told him not to remember? you said you’d get it yourself. Oh yes, that’s right. But he still could’ve made me something, I’m starving here. That’s not very fair, he’s made dinner for the kids. Yeah but what about me. Get off your lazy arse and make some yourself. But it’s all the way in the kitchen, I can’t get up. Well starve then. But I’m hungrrrrry. Well stop whining and get something then. Maybe there’s some chocolate or something I can have instead. I don’t think there is. There must be. Gets up to check cupboards. Nope, no chocolate. Dammit. Why has no one bought any chocolate. You did the shopping remember, you refused to buy any chocolate because you want to lose weight and chocolate isn’t healthy. But I want some now! Tough! Make the pasta. I don’t want it. So what are you going to eat then? Nothing, I’m going to starve, I’ll lose weight that way. Gets pasta out and starts making it. Dammit! Cooks pasta, sits and eats it. There still should be chocolate in the house! FFS!

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