PDA blogs I read

Here is a list of blogs about PDA which I read, some of these are written by PDAers and others are written by parents of PDAers. They’re all helpful and well worth reading.

Me, Myself and PDA this blog is by Julia Daunt, a PDA adult who does a lot of great work for PDA.

What It Means To Feel a blog by Bex Kitchen, an adult PDAer.

PDA Poster Child an adult PDAer writes about her experiences of living with PDA.

Understanding PDA this blog is about Mollie by Jane Sherwin, author of My Daughter is Not Naughty, an excellent book on PDA.

Steph’s Two Girls a blog by Steph, mother of two girls, one who has PDA.

Autism Mom parent to The Navigator, a PDAer.

Life with ASD and the rest writing about a child with ASD and more, including PDA.

PDA Soapbox a blog which includes some good information on PDA.

Dinky and Me a blog by Dinky’s mother, Dinky has been diagnosed with PDA.

Pirates go to Argos exploring the PDA life and what it’s like to live with a PDA child.

Love PDA empowering parents of PDAers.



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