PDA in detail

This post is a roll-call of previous blog posts by Riko (me 😀 ) that look into Pathological Demand Avoidance in more depth. Sort of like an all in one go to guide.

First up, PDA broken down into it’s individual components and explored:

P is for Pathological. An in-depth look at the word pathological and what it really means.

D is for Demand. The all important demand aspect of PDA.

A is for Avoidance. This looks at what avoidance is and how it can be displayed.

I wrote individual blog posts on the main traits of PDA. Here they are in all their glory:

Resisting and avoiding ordinary demands

Appearing sociable, but lacking depth in understanding.

Excessive mood swings and impulsivity.

Comfortable in role play.

Language delay, often with a good degree of catch-up.

Obsessive behaviour, often focussed on people.

I also wrote some posts on PDA and demands which explain in more detail the things which us PDAers struggle with, here are some good ones:

The PDA profile explores what the PDA profile is and asks whether PDAers may be more similar to each other than general autistics.

What is a demand? asks that important question, just what is a demand to a PDAer?

There’s no such thing as no demands shows how, even when you think you’ve gotten rid of every demand, there’s always more, such is the way of PDA.

A love of novelty because us PDAers love new things.

The PDA empath some PDAers are empathic, this explains how this can affect them.

Doubting doubting your child’s diagnosis because they’re having a good day? Your not alone, even us PDAers can doubt our own struggles.

PDA doesn’t equal violence not all PDAers are violent, anxiety manifests in a variety of ways.

Next I have some help posts for parents of PDAers and adult PDAers themselves:

Adult coping strategies. the title says it all.

Tips for parenting your PDA child. there will be a follow up to this, hopefully soon.

Modelling behaviour and normalcy tips for teaching certain behaviours.

And lastly, some positive posts:

PDA Kids Quotes quotes by PDA kids on what PDA is like for them. There will be an adult version coming soon.

Positive PDA a list of the positives of PDA.

That’s that. I’ll keep writing as I really enjoy it. There are more posts on PDA under the subheading Pathological Demand Avoidance. Feel free to browse.

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