The Migraine Meander.

So I’ve had a headache/migraine on and off for the past month. It’s getting a bit annoying and I’ve had to limit my time on the computer to help (unsuccessfully) reduce the pain. I don’t know about other people but one of the triggers for a headache for me is spending too much time on the computer. By too much time I mean over 2 hours per day. Which when you look at it, isn’t actually that long, especially when spread out over the day. And for me a headache can quickly lead to a migraine which means I cannot function. Migraines are crippling for many people, for myself I experience pain that is almost worse than my first two children’s births, I really cannot handle head pain. I also can’t stand the light, I feel sick (nausea) and dizzy. Migraines cause actual stomach pain for me, noise becomes too much and I just feel like I need to retreat to a quiet, dark room. Sadly my brain doesn’t switch off, so when I’m experiencing a migraine my thoughts run round my mind making the whole thing worse. It’s time like those that I really envy people who don’t think much or who can willingly stop thinking.

The things that can cause a headache/migraine or cause a headache to turn into a migraine are:

  • using the computer
  • thinking too much
  • reading
  • playing computer games
  • being around people too much
  • too much new information entering my brain
  • dim lights
  • hats/head wear
  • my vision being blocked (usually caused by my hair being in my eyes)
  • not enough sleep/too much sleep
  • daydreaming
  • moving my head around, looking down or up for too long, shaking my head
  • trying to force myself to meet demands that are difficult for me

It’s not easy to avoid all of these triggers, especially when some of them are my fav things to do. Many years ago I made the conscious decision to reduce the amount of time spend using computers, reading, playing games, social situations etc. This did help and I went through a long period of few migraines. I’m not sure what’s changed now, maybe it’s the extra hours I’ve spent on the computer now I have blogs and facebook pages to work on, maybe it’s because I have some many (noisy) people in my family as well as a few social things I participate in. Maybe it’s the stress I’ve had in regards to money and parenting and housework, etc. Maybe it’s something else…who knows. Either way I have to find a way to reduce the occurrence, especially since migraines trigger my Alice in Wonderland Syndrome Trying not to go down the rabbit hole. I may have to spend a bit of time away from the computer (haha) or maybe I should go to the doctor, even if they can’t stop the migraines they might be able to give me some stronger painkillers, the ibuprofen I’ve been taking hasn’t really been doing much. Or maybe I should just do nothing for a few weeks, like that’s a possibility haha

4 thoughts on “The Migraine Meander.”

  1. so sorry you have to go through this. I too have to limit my time on the computer – but it’s back related, not migraine related. Either way, it’s a bummer..

      1. I’m like you,haven’t helped it by being in here-but it’s just when I’m headachey and still that I want social media company-I’m nearly right too-have a good weekend

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