Einey, meanie, miney, may, what shall I avoid today?

Ah avoidance, the bane and beauty of my life. It’s the thing that stops me from doing stuff and the thing I use to help me do stuff.

That’s right, I’ve turned my disability into my ability.

How you ask, well, the beauty of demand avoidance is that it often forces me to do something, anything, other than the thing I am intending to do.

How does that help?

In my crazy life it actually does because I lead a very chaotic and busy life.

I’m lying here tryng to sleep, my mind rolling with the masses of stuff I have to do everyday and wondering when I’m ever going to finish one if the countless books I’ve started writing. I think of all the projects I’ve started and abandoned and I start to list all the (figurative) hats I wear each day (parent, teacher, homemaker, disabled person, individual, blogger, advocate, friend, ect) and I wonder how the hell I manage to do anything properly. I think how much easier it would be if I only had one responsibility, if I only wore one hat.

That’s when it hit me. If I only wore one hat then I’d never manage to do it, because I’d spend all my time trying to avoid that one role. The crux is, I I only had one role, I’d have nothing to use to help me avoid it, I’d spend all my time doing nothing at all because that would be the only alternative.

That’s the beauty of wearing so many hats, that’s the beauty of demand avoidance (for me as a PDAer perhaps), I avoid one role by doing another.

I’m not writing my books because I’m avoiding writing by doing something else (housework or playing with the kids or sorting bills), and when I start to struggle with one of them I start doing another role (socialising, blogging or playing a computer game). I go around and around, filling many roles. Maybe not fully, maybe not as well or as consistant as none PDAers, but I’m doing it, and it works for me.

PDA may be a disability, but that doesn’t mean I have no ability, because somewhere along the way I learnt to use my disability as a strength. How’s that for avoidance!

(Ps. Yay I actually overcame demand avoidance to get out of bed and write this, rather than lying to myself that I’d remember it come morning. #WinningAtLife)

8 thoughts on “Einey, meanie, miney, may, what shall I avoid today?”

  1. Uh-oh…I do all that too? Like you said…probably not well though.

    My non-PDAer strategy is…LISTS. Lots of them. But then I still don’t manage because I always put too much on them.

    Thank you for the insight…I will observe and see how PanKwake does it. Besides saying…I’m bored all the time.

    1. It might be that this is a mostly learnt adult coping strategy, so it might take time for younger folk to learn. Hopefully they will though as it’s a good strategy to use, if a bit unpredictable and changeable lol

  2. I use that one too. The other day I was looking around the place I live, and the realisation hit me that everything in my living space is a demand of some kind. Always there waiting for me to attend to them. My plan for this year, because my job finishes in January, is to have two main demands to attend to. Painting and building a glass studio. Either activity will keep me feeling productive.

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