A morning in the life of a PDAer

A typical weekday morning goes a little like this in my house:

I wake (or get woken) anytime between 5am and 7:20 am when my alarm goes off. If it’s too early to get up I’ll tell the kids to go back to bed after I’ve figured out why they woke up (nappy change, thirst, sibling woke them up by jumping on them) and sorting them out. Then I’ll try my best to get some more winks in while the kids either sleep or play (read fight/make mess) with each other. Eventually either the alarm will go off or the kids become so unruly/demanding that I have no choice but to get up.

And so it begins…

My first step is to take the kids (the youngest two as Eldest is usually blissfully unaware in the land of slumber) downstairs and stick the TV on for them. I then get the boys their breakfast and stick the kettle on for some much needed coffee. Getting the boys breakfast involves asking Middle Child (MC) if he wants breakfast, then standing back as he points out which cereal he wants (always the same 3 in one bowl), then I pour out his cereal and ask if he wants milk (always but I still have to ask), then once that’s added I have to help him take the cereal into the dining room and ask him where he would like to eat. None of this ever changes but if I don’t give him the choices he won’t eat it. If there’s time I will get myself some breakfast while keeping an eye on the boys and making sure they don’t make any (haha) mess. Once the boys have finished their food I will nip upstairs and tidy up the mess they’ve made in their room while getting myself dressed and washed and gathering the boys clothes for the day.

Usually by this time it’s half an hour before we need to leave, so I wake eldest and give him his 30 min warning before proceeding downstairs with the boy’s clothes. I’ll quickly run through what we need for the day and ensure we have everything bagged and ready, then I’ll get the boys dressed. This involves asking MC if he wants to get dressed first or if he wants me to get Youngest dressed first. If he wants Youngest to go first I have to chase Youngest around the room while attempting to strip him, then I have to dress him while he still runs around the room (trust me, you don’t want to try holding him still to do this). Then I’ll ask MC if he wants me to change his bottoms first or his top. Most times he’ll decide or just ignore me and let me strip him, sometimes he refuses and I have to gently encourage him to get changed. I’ll change him while he wiggles, tries to run away and play chase or just sits there watching TV being totally unhelpful in moving his limbs.

Once the kids are dressed I’ll put the dirty clothes in the washing machine which is usually already quite full. I’ll put the washing machine on to wash, give Eldest his 10 minute warning if he’s not already dressed and waiting on the stairs, then I start to gather the boys shoes, coats and bags. I check the bank account and the weather on my phone, check I’ve got money for the bus, finish my now cold coffee and start getting my own shoes and coat on.

I’ll call to the boys that it’s time to go. I’ll get Youngest ready and into the pram, help MC get ready (most days he ‘can’t do it’ so I have to help him), check Eldest is good to go and unlock the front door to leave. Most days we manage to get out on time. It helps that I’ve cut morning demands down to a minimum and am willing to forgo breakfast if we’re stuck for time. It’s take a long time to get this routine down and it doesn’t always go to plan, but it works for us.

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