Harry Thompson’s PDA videos

If you haven’t already seen Harry Thompson’s videos on PDA then let me tell you a little about them.

Harry Thompson is an adult who has PDA, he has created videos that are available online on Youtube for people to learn about how PDA affects him and about PDA in general. There are some really useful tips on his videos and he expresses everything clearly and articulately. The videos are generally between 10 and 15 minutes long (so easy to digest) although there are shorter ones. 

His videos have been very well received and are definitely worth a watch, so below is a summery of just some of the excellent videos available:

Harry’s first video is an Introductory video to PDA, a great starting point for those who are new to PDA or for those who are new to Harry’s videos and is a good place to start watching from.

This video, what not to say or do to a child with PDA, is helpful for parents learning about PDA and wanting to know how to manage their child.

This one is about Harry’s schooling history as a child with PDA (part one, there are more).

PDA and working (part one) is about the demands of working for PDA people.

And this video (part one) is about personal relationships.

Implicit demands is his latest video on what implicit demands are and how they affect PDA people.

You can also follow his Facebook page Harry Thompson and PDA: How sensory overload robs me of my moral code.


3 thoughts on “Harry Thompson’s PDA videos

  1. I’ve just watched the what not to do with a PDAer and it sounds like my daughter to a T! I’m now following his page too and will eventually watch his videos. There’s not much research on adult PDAers and it’s encouraging as a parent to see there is life out there! Lol! Loved the last sentence – don’t try to make us confirm or fit in with the system because we’re here to change it! Or words to that effect!! Love it!

  2. We took Harry up on his offer of a video call and we Thanked him for all his videos and information. Happily donated towards his book which we can’t wait for!

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