Day 14 of the blogging challenge.

My relationship with food πŸ™‚

I love food. Food is good. It’s delicious, exciting, fun, interesting, tasty. I like to try new foods as well as repeating old favourites. My top ten fav foods are:

  1. Chocolate (cake/biscuits/cereal/sundae/ice cream etc)
  2. Chicken goujons with mayo and/or tartar sauce
  3. Lobby with red cabbage
  4. Mushy peas
  5. Turkey, mayonnaise and sweetcorn on French bread
  6. boeuf bourguignon
  7. lemon chicken with egg fried rice
  8. Three-way pork with red cabbage
  9. Pork and apple sausages
  10. Chicken burger with mayo

There’s a lot of food I like and it does change regularly. I go through phases of only wanting to eat the same food over and over again and other times I don’t want to eat anything. Sometimes I just want to eat junk food all day and other times I only want to eat healthy food. Sometimes I want to cook all my food and other times I don’t want to even go into the kitchen, never mind make any food.

My relationship with food probably doesn’t seem very healthy but in actual fact it is very varied. I try to include every food group and I do tend to eat more unhealthy food than healthy but I think overall it’s not too bad.


Tomorrow’s blog post: Something that excites me and fills me with joy πŸ˜€

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