Day 8 of the blogging challenge.

5 things on my bucket list.


1. Publish a book.

I would love to write a book and have it published. To see my book when I walk into my fav shop: Waterstones. So far I’m only at the writing stage but one day I’m hoping to make that real.

2. Eat a whole chocolate cake all by myself.

My fav is the caterpillar cake, yummy.

3. Go on holiday for 2 weeks all by myself.

I’ve never lived alone or been on holiday alone or been on many full-catering holiday. I’d spend my time sleeping, eating, reading, writing, playing DS games, swimming and other relaxing things.

4. Do everything in a Harvest Moon game.

Fans of this series know how labour intensive completing all aspects of this game is. My fav version is Grand Bazaar.

5. Have a house with a proper library.

I love books and I would absolutely love to have my own library complete with a wooden spiral staircase. Heaven!


Yes I know a bucket list is stuff someone wants to do before they die but there’s no reason why having can’t also be a part of that too.


Tomorrow’s blog challenge: My fav thing to do right now.

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