Day 4 of the blogging challenge

25 things to do before my birthday.

Well it’s not long till my birthday, so I guess I’ll try to think of 25 things to do before it.

1. Read all the books on my new pile ready for more books.
2. Try to eat healthily so I can gorge on chocolate cake without feeling guilty.
3. Celebrate my partner’s birthday, cos his is before mine.

4. Write some more of my blog.

5. Finish the 30 blogging challenge.

6. Cut my hair. (yes I know this one sounds weird but every time I’ve tried for the past few months something has gotten in the way)

 7. Tidy the house, because no one wants to have a messy house when it’s their birthday.

8. Set the ball rolling on a PDA diagnosis for myself.

9. Finish the xbox 1 game I started.

10. Learn how to use this blogging site properly. (No idea what’s happened to the paragraph spaces or how to fix it. Only just noticed I could change the font colour).

11. Finish making the toy I started in sewing class.

12. Start exercising.

13. Paint some more.

14. Get some more sleep.

15. Update the family photos.

16. Maybe start a website.

17. Discover the meaning of life. (joke).

18. Write/finish one of the many books I have ideas for.

19. Cook an actual meal, rather than just throwing some stuff in the oven.

20. Finish my Digimon boxset.

21. Find some more things to add to this list. Seriously, who has time to do 25 things before their birthday?

22. Use all of the bath bombs I got for Christmas. Nice long yummy smelling soaks in the bath.

23. Umm, design my own socks?

24. Visit family.

Aaaand 25. Publish this blog post.


So that’s 25 things to do before my birthday. Next time: 3 things I like about my personality. At least it’s not 25 things I like about my personality lol (tip, it’s not my rubbish sense of humour).

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