Day 3 of the 30 day blogging challenge

My day in detail. A typical day for me goes a little like this:

I get up between 7-8 am, I am usually already awake what with the baby waking several times between the hours of 2 and 8 am. If he’s not been changed recently then that’s the first thing I do followed by a trip to the toilet. By this time my partner is already up and changed/ing the two 1/2 year old. He usually gets the boy’s breakfast and makes sure eldest is ready for school. I stick the kettle on for coffee and the baby’s bottle then set about getting youngest two boy’s clothes for the day. Once the boys are dressed and the eldest is off to school (if it’s a weekday) then I make up the baby’s bottle, put the clean dishes away from last night, put a washing on and make breakfast. Once we’ve eaten and the baby has been fed (if he’s hungry) and is either asleep or on his play mat then I get dressed.

Depending on the day I either get the boys ready to go out or I put the tv on and either do some housework or juggle going on the computer with entertaining the baby whilst keeping the 2/3 year old from wrecking the house. The rest of the morning, if we stay in, is spent trying to tidy up whilst the middle child makes a mess with his toys/food/playing with anything that isn’t a toy and feeding, changing and entertaining the baby. Even between the two of us this is a lot of work. If we are out this involves keeping the 2/3 year old entertained until we get to where we are going. Once there (usually a baby/toddler group or the supermarket) we have to feed the baby (and usually the 2/3 year old who I’m now going to refer to as M for middle child), do whatever we intend to do then head back home.

Lunchtime. Occasionally we eat out for lunch, especially if we are at the supermarket around that time. Otherwise we eat at home. Often my partner goes to the shop for sandwiches. Either way we need to feed M then get our own lunch. The baby gets fed too. After lunch I finish whatever housework I was doing (providing I’m not mobbed by kids). Then I try to go on the computer for a while or play with M. My partner and I swap between the kids all day, ensuring all three get some alone time with each of us.

Eldest comes home around 3:30. He plays with M for a bit, we organise snacks, look after the baby, finish any housework that needs doing then think about dinner. My partner usually does the cooking and I do the cleaning which works for us. The kids get fed, we clean up after them (M likes to make a mess) then we entertain them until it’s time to start the bedtime routine. If it’s bath night my partner runs the baths while I try to keep the kids occupied. Once each child has had their bath we dress them (eldest dresses his self) then they play/watch tv until 6:20 when M gets his bedtime story and is put to bed. Eldest stays up till 7:30 (weekday) or 8pm (weekend), he either watches tv, plays minecraft or another computer game or has a story read to him, then it’s off to bed leaving youngest.

My partner and I spend a little time on the computer/watching tv and entertaining (ie changing and feeding) the baby until the boys are properly asleep. Youngest usually goes to sleep anywhere between 8 and 11 so my partner and I try to spend some quality time together. We eventually go to bed around 10/11pm, as long as the baby hasn’t awoken. We sometimes get to sleep until 2am before the baby for more food. After that he usually wakes every hour or two and we try to take it in turns to get up for him.

And that’s my day in (probably too much) detail.


Tomorrow in the 30 day blogging challenge: 25 things to do before my next birthday.

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