Breathing. (Deep breath)

I have a few problems with breathing. Anyone who doesn’t know me intimately (ie anyone other than my partner) won’t be aware of this. Mostly because I mask it quite well.

The problem is I can’t breathe in warm air. I hate warm climates, saunas, steam rooms, summer, other people’s breath on my face etc etc. I don’t know why but unless the air around me is cold I feel like there’s not enough air and I struggle to breathe. It is strange and quite embarrassing.

Sometimes I wonder if it is because my breathing is shallow. No idea.

Aside from the temperature of the air around me I also have trouble with certain smells. Perfume, certain food smells, bleach, furniture polish, flowers are some of the smells which are too strong for me. I struggle to breathe in these smells and usually have to move away from them. One of the reasons I dislike housework. I hate the smell of chemicals on my hands but it’s even worse when, in order to clean the house, I have to breathe in these smells. They make me choke.

Sometimes, when my throat feels like it is closing up, I cannot breathe properly and I may have to move to where the air is cooler. One of the reasons I love winter.

So when you’re talking to me and I turn my head to the side, it’s usually cos I can’t breathe because your breath is too warm (not because you smell or anything), sorry.

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I am a 33 year old non-binary PDAer with 3 kids. I love food, gin, books, socks, DS games, and writing about PDA. My fav colour is purple and my fav animals are Dragons. I prefer the countryside, autumn/winter, walking, swimming and squash.

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2 thoughts on “Breathing. (Deep breath)”

  1. Wow again you are really uniqe and brilliant in your putting words on much from my iner world it is totally well hit and a bit scary , to read much of your posted thoughts. You should really consider to get your blog translated to danish where i come from Denmark. where your kind of blog is really missing and needed. Think about it I would happily help help with the danisih part. I have never ever bin able to strucctures and set up so meaningfully and easilly understandandable like you do with your thoughts and knowlegne . it is really somthing i hope you know that … My thoughts , ideas and understandings evaporates turns into porridge or frozen to death.

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